Stretch-n-Grow is the world’s largest network of Certified Youth Fitness Professionals!  We specialize in providing enrichment programs in schools that STRETCH kids' minds and GROW healthy bodies and habits  with high quality, educational, FUN, and creative exercise experiences!
Physical Education with Imagination!

Each week, our Affiliates teach over one hundred thousand children in hundreds of cities around the world to

“Eat Wise and Exercise"!

Stretch-n-Grow offers EXERciting programs for kids starting as young as 18 months up to twelve years old. Each Stretch-n-Grow coach is a certified youth fitness specialist and has only one passion - to show our Stars an EXERciting time!

"Star" refers to the children in our program as well as the 5 point foundation of our curriculum:  exercise, nutrition, rest, hygiene, and attitude!

"EXERcited" = EXERCISE + excitement which is what our Stars experience every time they Stretch-n-Grow!

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t most young children get adequate exercise? After all, they run around all day playing.  

Unfortunately, the statistics show otherwise. Results of a study released by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 1997 indicated that obesity had doubled in the preschool age group over two decades. The increase in obesity is attributed more to lack of exercise than poor food choices. (A study published in the British Medical Journal shows identical trends in Europe.) The increase in heart disease or heart disease risk factors among children is a clear indication that our children are growing fatter, not fitter.

Don’t most child care providers include physical education and exercise in their programs? 

Sadly, the answer is NO!! The majority of child care facilities do not include physical education in their curriculum. While some may have "movement" sessions, none of the curriculum used is as extensive or creative as the Stretch-n-Grow program. We provide our Affiliates with two years of weekly lesson plans, plus materials for the parents emphasizing family fitness. Our program prepares a child with a foundation of exercise, good nutrition, and other healthy habits that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

What do I receive for my investment? 

EVERYTHING you need to get your business started! Our Affiliates leave training with thorough basic knowledge of how to market the program, create and conduct classes, and run the business. We provide a comprehensive set of manuals which give you a complete reference for each aspect of the business. In addition, you’ll receive a series of audio and dvds which reinforce the training. Masters for all the forms and curriculum are part of the package; all you do is make copies! We even provide a merchandise starter pack and 50 youth tee-shirts! On-going support is provided through our Awesome Affiliate Network, bulletin board and quarterly e-Updates from Corporate. One of the greatest benefits of our program is the continual interchange of support and ideas within our owners’ network.

How can I know it will work in my area? 

It works everywhere if our plan is followed. We’ll be happy to give you a long list of names and phone numbers for our existing franchisees. They will tell you how good the plan is, how great the business is, and how well it works for them. (We recommend that you DO NOT contact child care centers until you’ve been through training. You are not prepared to talk to them. We’ll tell you exactly how to approach them to insure success.)

What can stop me? 

Fear!! It’s normal to be nervous about a new venture; however, if you are serious about owning your own business and being your own boss…if you love kids and are fitness and health conscience...Stretch-n-Grow is the best match with the greatest potential and lowest failure possibility you will find. A 20% deposit will hold your territory and training date. If you decide during training that it’s not everything we’ve told you, we will refund your deposit.