We are the world's largest network of children's fitness professionals, providing Fabulously Fun enrichment programs and Physical Education with Imagination to millions of children around the world!

  • The Stretch-n-Grow Story

    Stretch-n-Grow, Inc. was established in Galveston, Texas in January 1992, and is now headquartered in Seminole (Tampa Bay), Florida as an exciting children's fitness program and premier children's fitness business opportunity. Founders Jill and Bob Manly, who are now joined in the Corporate Office by daughters Amanda Cannon and Megan Manly, planned to conduct classes on a local level only. Galveston provided a limited market base of approximately 30 child care facilities.  By September, classes were being conducted in eleven of those schools.  Parents paid $3 to $5 per class, resulting in a weekly income around $750.   (Over the years, our pricing structure has changed;  most centers pay a flat rate that varies by market, allowing all their children to participate.)  

    Excitement over what we were doing resulted in requests from several people in other cities for more information. Their excitement and success prompted a trial advertising program which launched the Stretch-n-Grow Affiliate Ownership Program. Within one year, our expansion reached several major U.S. markets; and in June 1993, Stretch-n-Grow became an "international influence" as we entered the Canadian market.

    Stretch-n-Grow is a family and faith based company.  Jill’s daughter Amanda Cannon-Hollowell joined the company shortly after the birth of Jill and Bob's daughter Megan in July 1992.   Amanda currently serves as Director of Affiliate Relations and Operations.   Joining us in December of 2002 as Director of Sales, Bob’s daughter Caryn Burnier helped build much of our strong Affiliate base.  Megan graduated from the University of South Florida in 2016 and then joined the team and currently manages a local Stretch-n-Grow in St. Petersburg, FL and assists Corporate with special projects. 

    There are now literally hundreds of thousands of Stretch-n-Grow "Stars" around the world learning to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while building a foundation of fitness and well-being. Pioneers in the fight against child obesity, Stretch-n-Grow continues to lead the way today.
  • Innovation, Imagination & Inspiration

    The corporate team of Stretch-n-Grow encompasses a wide wealth of experience. This powerful combination has enabled us to become the world’s largest network of children’s fitness professionals. The team’s passion keeps them involved in day-to-day operations, while successfully promoting individual growth.

      Jill Manly , President

      Bob Manly, CEO

      Amanda Cannon, Director of Operations

      Beth Cannon, Director of Training

      Megan Manly, Sales and Affiliate Support

  • Unparalleled Reputation

    When you become a Stretch-n-Grow Affiliate, you automatically inherit the power of a brand that has been established for over 25 years.  You don't become the world’s largest network of children’s fitness professionals overnight, and you certainly don't surpass your competitors by simply joining the pack. Stretch-n-Grow has purposefully set itself apart from its competitors and strives to widen the gap each year.

    Benefit of a Brand Name

    You can’t buy a brand name unless you buy an established business. One of the most important things that comes with purchasing Stretch-n-Grow versus opening a start-up business is the ability to use an established brand name. The Stretch-n-Grow Network understands the value of brand recognition, and our Affiliates work individually to build and protect our reputation within their territories.

    The Emotional Connection

    At Stretch-n-Grow, we have taken great pride in establishing our name brand over the past 25 years. We have established an invaluable emotional connection in the heart of our culture, Affiliates, childcare directors, parents and children. When our Affiliates  go to work each day, their clients shout "Hooray!" because they love Stretch-n-Grow!

  • Who Makes the Ideal Stretch-n-Grow Affiliate?

    As the premier fitness program for children, with more Affiliates and children involved in improving fitness levels throughout the world than any other program, we know what to look for in a successful Stretch-n-Grow Affiliate. While we have a diversified group of personalities, there are a few predominant attributes you should possess.

    If you plan to teach classes yourself:
    1. You must love children!
    2. You must be dedicated to fitness and helping to fight the growing problem of childhood obesity.
    If you plan to hire others to manage and coach: 
    1. You must possess a high level of management skills.
    2. You must be well organized.
    And in both cases, you must have a desire and the ability to be your own boss! 

    The Stretch-n-Grow solution is proven. The Stretch-n-Grow system is simple. The Stretch-n-Grow materials are comprehensive. The Stretch-n-Grow market is growing. Our challenge is to find talented people who can say “yes” to the following questions:

    Do I enjoy children and exercise? Since these are the two key elements of our program, if you're going to teach the classes yourself it's important that you love kids and want to be fit!! One of the great benefits of Stretch-n-Grow is you will get plenty of exercise! Our Affiliates improve their own fitness level while having fun exercising with their Stars!!

    Am I concerned with improving the wellness of our future: our children? Most of the major health concerns in our world today stem from people not developing healthy lifestyles at an early age. Obesity, which often results in heart disease, stroke, diabetes and/or cancer, is a result of poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Stretch-n-Grow is attacking the problem at its roots, in young children whose habits have not yet been formed.

    Am I a self-starter, willing to apply the self-discipline required to be my own boss? Whether you choose Stretch-n-Grow or another vehicle for self-employment, understand that that choice will require you to “be your own boss.” The plan we provide gives you step-by-step instruction on everything from marketing to running classes to managing coaches. The motivation comes from within.

    Can I comfortably make the required investments of time and money? The approximate initial financial investment to start your Stretch-n-Grow business is under $30,000. This estimate includes the initial fee and start-up costs such as professional liability insurance, equipment, music, and office materials. (You will need a computer with email and Microsoft Office, which is not included.) Your time-commitment is based on how quickly you want (or need) to reach your goal income level. The size and scope of your business is your choice; but regardless of whether you want to teach ten to fifteen classes or continue to expand your business using coaches, your first months will be filled with marketing calls, demo classes, enrollment sessions, and teaching. 

    If you can answer "yes" to these questions, then Stretch-n-Grow may be right for you! 

  • Opportunity Awaits 

    Stretch-n-Grow is global!  Territories are available in most metropolitan areas in the United States and around the world.  Even though there may be a Stretch-n-Grow in your area, most cities can host multiple Affiliates.  Please contact us to check the details of your specific area.

    Territory Description

    A Stretch-n-Grow Territory is generally a group of conjoined zip codes containing 50 Licensed Child Care Centers.  There may also be home child care centers, mother's day out programs, recreation centers, and other viable venues within those zip codes that are yours to market your business to as well, so chances are you're getting more than 50 locations in your designated Territory.

    Territory Protection

    Every Stretch-n-Grow Territory is protected, preventing other nearby owners from marketing in your area.  Our Territories are clearly defined by zip codes, and our Owners respect those.
  • The Low Cost of Joining Stretch-n-Grow  

    Unlike many companies, the Stretch-n-Grow investment structure is very low.  Your investment can vary depending on your choices of insurance and equipment.  Pricing for International Franchises is available upon request.

    Basic US Initial Fee: $28,600

    Exclusive Territory of 50 licensed child care centers in a designated geographical territory. The fee includes transportation and accommodations for one at training.  Ask today about our specials!

    Start-up Costs: $500 - $1,000 (depends on choice of equipment)

    Choose from our preferred vendors and recommended equipment packages! This figure even assumes purchase of liability insurance and materials needed to get started!  (Costs may be higher if you choose to hire a manager or coach.)

    Percentage Royalty: NONE!

    That’s right…NO percentage royalty. Our fees are a flat rate, not a percentage of what you make.

    No-Risk Guarantee: Refundable Deposit

    A 20% deposit will hold your territory and Training Camp date, with the balance due on the last day of training. Deposit is fully refundable, less travel expenses, if you are not satisfied with our comprehensive training program.  

    Note:  Pricing and deposits for Internationals and Masters are different than the pricing given.  More information is available upon request!         
  • Unparalleled Support

    An advantage to joining an established company like Stretch-n-Grow is ongoing support. With our network of over 200 owners and our Executive Team behind you, you are never alone. There is always someone who has been in your situation, can relate to what you’re experiencing, and is willing to share their suggestions with you.

    In addition to the emotional support that the Stretch-n-Grow Affiliate network provides, here is a breakdown of the professional support you can count on from the very beginning:


    Your journey as a Stretch-n-Grow Affiliate starts with an intensive training session…and that’s only the beginning.  We provide you with everything you need to access on-going support and to encourage your long-term success in our network!  Our training is designed to prepare you to begin the marketing process immediately and start your first classes. You will learn every aspect of how to be successful in Stretch-n-Grow!  Airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations and some meals for one person are included in the cost.

    Training Materials

    You will receive comprehensive administrative, educational and marketing materials; videos of exercises and routines; as well as program ideas, motivation and continuing education; a merchandise and apparel package; and on-going operational support. Stretch-n-Grow provides you with both experienced people and technology to help you continually improve your business.         

    Youth Fitness Certification Instruction

    You will become a Certified Youth Fitness Professional through our comprehensive exploration of fitness practices for young children. This opportunity is available for ALL Affiliates and their employees. This certification gives immediate credibility!

    Affiliates Only Area (AOA)

    Once you become a Stretch-n-Grow Affiliate, you’ll receive access to the AOA, a password restricted area for our Affiliates. Through this part of our site, we share new class and marketing ideas that our Affiliates have contributed. You’ll be able to post your reports electronically, start the process to set up your SNG web page, and shop in our on-line store.

    Facebook Group

    Our Facebook Group for Affiliates is where Affiliates can communicate with each other in real time!  They share ideas, information, lesson plans, accounting tips, and every other aspect of running a Stretch-n-Grow business.  It's also a great place to get encouragement!

    Toll Free Help Line

    Our Affiliates have unlimited access to the company resources through this toll free line. In addition, we provide fast responses to e-mailed requests. Our goal is to answer all inquiries within 24 hours!

    Owner’s Guide to Employing Coaches

    Our manual for those interested in the expansion of their business by hiring part time instructors. Some Affiliates have reached a high degree of success by expanding their staff and adding more clients. Additional training is available through Coach Camp when you reach the decision to hire coaches.

    Coach Camp

    Coach Camp is an optional workshop and training program that is available to all Affiliates several times a year. Held in Dallas, Texas, this all day workshop is a great refresher for the independent SNG Affiliate or for the one who wants a sound training program as additional instructors are added to their team! Highlights include new class ideas, classroom management and hiring and management tips. This program is designed to give the Stretch-n-Grow Coach a strong foundation for our program and excellent tools to be an effective instructor. 

    Affiliation Celebration

    Affiliation Celebration is our International convention. Affiliates from across the globe come to share ideas, get support, get educated and get motivated to Stretch-n-Grow their businesses.  The next one is scheduled for 2020 and is sure to be amazing!

    Regional Collaboration

    Many areas have periodic regional meetings through which Affiliates share ideas and challenges specific to their markets. Affiliates are finding ways to improve cost effectiveness through bulk buying. Training and sharing instructors helps Affiliates manage time and cost better. Marketing efforts, especially through community events, can be coordinated for greater exposure. The biggest benefit, however, is the time spent with your peers!     

  • Don’t most young children get adequate exercise? After all, they run around all day playing.  Unfortunately, the statistics show otherwise.  In 2015 the Center for Disease Control stated that childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years.(A study published in the British Medical Journal shows identical trends in Europe.) The increase in heart disease or heart disease risk factors among children is a clear indication that our children are growing fatter, not fitter.

    Don’t most child care providers include physical education and exercise in their programs? Sadly, the answer is NO!! The majority of child care facilities do not include physical education in their curriculum. While some may have "movement" sessions, none of the curriculum used is as extensive or creative as the Stretch-n-Grow program. We provide our Affiliates with two years of weekly lesson plans, plus materials for the parents emphasizing family fitness. Our program prepares a child with a foundation of exercise, good nutrition, and other healthy habits that will lead to a healthier lifestyle based on NASPE and AAP recommendations.

    What is included with my investment? EVERYTHING you need to get your business started! Our Affiliates leave training with thorough basic knowledge of how to market the program, create and conduct classes, and run the business. We provide a comprehensive manual which gives you a complete reference for each aspect of the business. In addition, you’ll receive dvds which reinforce the training. Masters for all the forms and curriculum are part of the package; all you do is make copies! We even provide a merchandise starter pack and 50 youth tee-shirts! On-going support is provided through our Awesome Affiliate Network, Affiliates Only Area, Facebook Group, and regular updates from Corporate. One of the greatest benefits of our program is the continual interchange of support and ideas within our owners’ network.

    How can I know it will work in my area? It works everywhere if our plan is followed. We’ll be happy to give you a long list of names and phone numbers for our existing Affiliates. They will tell you how good the plan is, how great the business is, and how well it works for them. (We recommend that you DO NOT contact child care centers until you’ve been through training. You are not prepared to talk to them. We’ll tell you exactly how to approach them to insure success.)

    What can stop me? Fear!! It’s normal to be nervous about a new venture; however, if you are serious about being your own boss…if you love kids and are fitness and health conscience...Stretch-n-Grow is the best match with the greatest potential and lowest failure possibility you will find. A 20% deposit will hold your territory and training date. If you decide during training that it’s not everything we’ve told you, we will refund your deposit.     
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