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Leg's Go!

Putting one foot in front of the other is such a big accomplishment for little ones, as it is the beginning of their ability to explore their world. As they grow up, their legs get stronger, and they learn to run, to sprint, and to jump! The legs are the foundation of the body. Fun, dynamic exercise can be a great way for kids to build strong bodies, and to help kids learn to understand more about the way their bodies work. There are 13 primary muscles that help the legs go, that work together in groups.

Key muscle groups in the legs are:

  1. Anterior Group: This group of muscle is higher up in the leg, and is what creates the gait, or stride, when someone walks or runs. 
  2. Posterior Group: This group of muscles is on the back of the leg, most of them are in the lower leg, but some are above the knee as well. Many of the muscles in the feet are in the posterior group. Many of these are the ones that basic stretches like toe-touching and foot flexing engage. 
  3. Lateral Group: This group is on the front of the leg and includes the top muscles of the foot. 

There are three major bones in the leg:

  1. Femur: the thigh bones
  2. Tibia: the front leg bone in the calf
  3. Fibula: the back leg bone in the calf

One of the most fun ways to exercise the legs is with an obstacle course! Some things that can get the legs fired up include:

  1. Stepping around cones: Engage the joints and muscles where the leg meets the hip with cones that encourage the kids to get their knees up high and create wide circles. It helps them stretch and increases mobility. 
  2. Use hula hoops for jumping: If the hoops are big enough, they can be used as a jump rope substitute, or they can be flat on the floor and kids can jump like a frog between them. Jumping engages the feet, the posterior group, and builds strength. 
  3. Carefully creep: Have a section of obstacles in a course where kids have to be cautious and walk on their tiptoes to help improve balance and keep their feet strong. 

Don't forget to stretch! How would you build an obstacle course to get your kids' legs engaged?

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by Bethany Verrett

Bethany is a freelance writer and editor. Click on her name to find out more!

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