Monthly Blog: Flossing into the New Year

Flossing into the New Year

Flossing can be an important part of keeping teeth squeaky clean, fighting cavities, and protecting teeth for the long haul; so the earlier kids can learn to floss, the more natural the habit will be for the rest of their lives.

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Monthly Blog: STRONG! Helping Kids Learn about Their Core

Strong: Helping Kids Learn About Their Core

STRONG: Helping Kids Learn about their Core As people get older, they begin to recognize the importance of a strong core. It helps people prevent back pain, increase flexibility, and improve posture. The younger we are when we start working on having a strong core, the more benefits someone has

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Build a Legacy with Stretch-n-Grow

Building a Legacy

Stretch-n-Grow is more than just a business opportunity; it’s a chance to build a legacy of lasting, positive change in your community!

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Stretch-n-Grow Calm Down Techniques For Hard Days

Calm Down Techniques for Hard Days

Everybody has bad days. Teaching children at a young age how to express and cope with what they are feeling can help them improve their social-emotional skills, grow their relationships with others, and set them up for success later in life.

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Franchisee Journey Spotlight

This month we’re putting the spotlight on long-time franchise owners Mike & Barb Merchant. From navigating challenges to celebrating milestones, their story is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the unparalleled support of the Stretch-n-Grow Family! Discover what sets Stretch-n-Grow Franchising apart and how it can transform not just children’s lives, but also the lives of our franchisees!

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Healthy Hydration Blog Post Stretch-n-Grow

Healthy Hydration

Water should always be the first go-to beverage for hydration; but when you need a little more or a kid just wants something different, these sports drink alternatives can be a good solution.

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Back-to-school sniffles

Preventing the Back-to-School Sniffles

It’s Back-to-school Sniffles Time! As kids prepare to go back-to-school or are gearing up to start pre-school for the first time, one of the things their caretakers dread and have to prepare for is the onslaught of sniffles and colds. Here are 4 of things to help prevent or minimize back to school sniffles.

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