Our Story

Stretch-n-Grow was conceived in January of 1992 by Jill and Bob Manly, with a plan to conduct classes on a local level only in their home town of Galveston, Texas. The simple concept of providing a comprehensive fitness program at an early, impressionable age grew quickly into an impressive world-wide network of dedicated, talented people with the common goal of building a successful organization that has a positive impact on the health and fitness of young children.

Bob, Jill, and Baby Megan Manly
Jill, Bob and Megan - 1992
Jill Manly and daughters Megan Bowling and Amanda Cannon Hollowell
Megan, Jill, and Amanda - 2021

Stretch-n-Grow is a family and faith-based company. Jill’s daughter Amanda Cannon Hollowell joined the company shortly after the birth of Jill and Bob’s daughter Megan in July 1992. Amanda currently serves as Chief Operating Officer. Megan graduated from the University of South Florida in 2016 and then joined the Corporate team. She also manages her own Stretch-n-Grow in St. Petersburg, FL. Together, Jill and her daughters carry on Bob’s legacy as we continue to Stretch-n-Grow!

And here is the “happy ending” to this story: there are now millions of Stretch-n-Grow “Stars” across the United States and around the world learning to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while building a foundation of fitness and well-being!

Our Logo Evolution

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