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Summer Picnics - A Basket of FUN!

One of the best things about summer weather is that it becomes easier to spend hours outside enjoying the day. Sometimes the best thing to do when the sun is out and everyone is together is pack some food and a blanket and eat outdoors in a park, at the beach, in your backyard, or on your apartment balcony. Picnics are an opportunity to have meals that are focused less on sitting in a stiff chair and finishing your food but are more about play and making food fun. At Stretch-n-Grow, we like to go on a long walk and then sit down to eat seasonal fruits and veggies under a big tree for shade; but we know everyone likes to do picnics in their own special way.

Picnics are an opportunity for learning, bonding, and sharing, which is why they are such a wonderful activity to do regularly over the summer.

Here are 3 ideas for having a fantastic summer picnic:

  1. Make it a themed event! Love the Alice in Wonderland story? Bring some tea and biscuits (the English word for cookies) and dress up in funny hats to have a mad tea party picnic. Recently learned about the planets? Cut out your snacks into the shapes of different celestial bodies and bring a book about outer space to read aloud. Make the picnic a themed event the whole family can enjoy together! Other themed ideas include favorite animals, sports, and food from around the world.
  2. Go somewhere new. Sometimes it can be easy to fall into a summer rut and stick to a routine as a result of the hot weather or simply because of all the things that still have to get done even though school is out for the season. Find a local park or public space that is new and pack everyone up together to go explore. Is there a lake nearby you’ve never seen? Enjoy a sandwich on its banks. Heard the new green space developed by the city has some lovely trees and flowers? Go explore with some tasty snacks. Make it an adventure!
  3. Let the kids pack the food. Empowering children to make choices can help develop critical skills about evaluating options and build confidence. Allow each kid to pack a lunchbox (maybe even yours?) with what they feel like that day. Of course, a guiding hand can always be used if they insist on packing 5 pounds of marshmallow fluff, but it is so much more exciting for them if they can have a say in their day!

*Bonus idea: If you live in a location where temperatures are very high during the day, consider having dinner outside. The sun will be setting, and it could provide some relief from being stuck indoors all day avoiding the heat and humidity.

What are your favorite ways to have a summer picnic? Let us know what your favorite foods and locations are for having an al fresco meal.

Picture of by Bethany Verrett
by Bethany Verrett

Bethany is a freelance writer and editor. Click on her name to find out more!

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