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Know Your Bones

Kids grow every year, changing and moving so they can turn into the really cool adults they’re destined to be. Over the course of their childhood adventures, they get stronger, learn more, and develop personalities, which is easy to track on the outside. Inside, their bones are undergoing fascinating changes so they can transform. Keep reading to discover more about kids’ bones!

Stretch-n-Grow Monthly Blog Mental Health at All Ages

Mental Health at All Ages

Mental health wellness is one of the biggest lessons society has learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that it is cultivated at all ages. Children have social, emotional, and physical needs that contribute to their overall well-being that need to be taken care of, just like adults. Part of growing up happy and …

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3 Reasons to Make More Music with your Kids

3 Reasons to Make More Music with your Kids

A key part of childhood development is engaging the senses. Tasting healthy food, seeing people’s faces, touching different textures, and smelling the indoors and outdoors help little minds understand their world. What they hear also shapes their development, and music influences young people in unique ways. 3 Benefits Music Has on Kids Here are three …

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