Back-to-school sniffles

Preventing the Back-to-School Sniffles

It’s Back-to-school Sniffles Time! As kids prepare to go back-to-school or are gearing up to start pre-school for the first time, one of the things their caretakers dread and have to prepare for is the onslaught of sniffles and colds. Here are 4 of things to help prevent or minimize back to school sniffles.

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Stretch-n-Grow Monthly Blog Imagination and Movement Let's Play

Imagination and Movement: Let’s Play!

Sometimes it can be difficult to get kids to get up and move their bodies, which is so critical for them to grow up healthy and strong. It can be frustrating when they won’t stretch, don’t want to go on a walk, and just sit at the playground rather than get goofy on the equipment. Stretch-n-Grow encourages movement through play!

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Fun Facts about Healthy Brain Development Image

Fun Facts about Healthy Brain Development

Childhood is all about growing, exploring, and becoming the person that you’re going to be. As babies and kids grow, everything gets bigger, more specialized, and continues to form the building blocks for the next phase of life.

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What is Social-Emotional Learning

What is Social-Emotional Learning

One of the key ways children learn and grow is through interactions with other people. They develop an understanding of themselves, other people, and the world at large by observing, interacting, and engaging. This area of growth is known as social-emotional learning, and it is very important to start developing it at an early age.

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Stretch-n-Grow, #1 Child Enrichment Program

Know Your Bones

Kids grow every year, changing and moving so they can turn into the really cool adults they’re destined to be. Over the course of their childhood adventures, they get stronger, learn more, and develop personalities, which is easy to track on the outside. Inside, their bones are undergoing fascinating changes so they can transform. Keep reading to discover more about kids’ bones!

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child enrichment program teacher retention

Child Enrichment Programs: How They Help With Teacher Retention

Child Enrichment Programs: How They Help With Teacher Retention What if the biggest threat to your childcare business was hiding in plain sight?  The stress of teaching and managing children often causes problems with teacher retention. For example, the public school system loses about 8% of its teachers each year. And many

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