Child Enrichment Program

Summer Picnics are Healthy Family Fun

Have a picnic packed with healthy family fun! Sometimes the weather is great and everyone wants to go out and do something; but you don’t have time for an all-day adventure. While weekends and summer breaks are a time of fun and relaxation for kids, sometimes adults have other things

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Clean Teeth - Dental Care

Clean Teeth Keep Us Healthy!

Smile! and show us your clean teeth! Capturing moments in time through photography and film often includes big grins and showing off those pearly whites. Teeth are crucial to living a healthy lifestyle, and the earlier adults instill good habits into their children the easier maintaining strong teeth are for

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Our Favorite Sidewalk Games with a Twist

Our Favorite Sidewalk Games with a Twist!

Sidewalk chalk + imagination! Challenge their creativity while they work out with our favorite sidewalk games with a twist! Outside playtime is one of the best parts of childhood, and it is critical for healthy development!  Soaking up some sun, running around in the air, and getting to be rambunctious

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Learn a New Language

Let’s Learn a New Language!

Bonjour! Hola! Kon’ichiwa! Let’s Learn a New Language! Kids’ brains are wonderfully elastic, meaning they learn, absorb, and incorporate the world around them easily. Experts studying child development have learned the first five years are crucial for cognitive – brain – development. It is an excellent time to start forming

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Heart Healthy Recipes

Heart Healthy Recipes Your Kids Will Love!

Heart healthy doesn’t have to mean boring! Perhaps the coolest muscle in the body is the heart. It is always working and keeps us going. Treating it well contributes to a longer and a higher quality life. For adults, taking care of the heart usually involves cardio workouts, trying to

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Family Fitness Resolutions

Family Fitness Resolutions You Can Actually Do

New Year, New Family Fitness Resolutions! New Year’s is a great time to make changes and resolutions to make better fitness habits. The resolve is there, the goals seem fresh, and everything is new. One of the easiest ways to stick with new habits is by making them fun, realistic,

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Family Fitness during the Holidays

Winter Wonderland of Wellness

Let’s make family fitness a fun part of our holiday season!  As the end of the year approaches, everybody is preparing for the holiday season. Christmas and New Year’s shine particularly bright this year. While some of the normal festivities may not go like they have in the past, that

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Crafting Thankfulness

Crafting Thankfulness

We’re crafting thankfulness with fun art projects! There is no denying that 2020 has been a difficult year. Everyone has faced new obstacles and challenges, and the routine of life has been disrupted. Kids do not get to see their friends as often, go to school, and in some places

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Exploring Fitness Fun Around the World

Exploring Fitness Fun from Around the World

We’re exploring fitness fun from around the world! Getting to get out and stretch, run, jump, and play is one of the best parts of any kid’s day, and this fact is true all around the world. The time for exercise is an important part of growing up. Not only

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