Barb Merchant - Stretch-n-Grow of Cincinnati Owner

Affiliate Spotlight: Barb Merchant

Affiliate Spotlight: Meet Barb Merchant! Barb Merchant and her husband Mike joined Stretch-n-Grow twenty-five years ago in 1996, and together they run one of the largest and most successful territories in Stretch-n-Grow history! We want you to hear Barb’s story, not just because she is one of our AWESOME Affiliates,

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apple a day

An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day An apple a day is a healthy choice! Apples are a nutritious, versatile food that can be used in a variety of snacks and meals. There are many varieties which means that whether they like sweet or tart, crispy or soft, there is an apple out

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Facilitating Risky Play with Young Children – Himama

So what is risky play anyway? Usually found outdoors, risky play happens when children are allowed the time and space to explore and experience variables. These variables include height, speed and use of tools. Risky play also includes exploration of rough and tumble play, incorporation of elements such as water, and concepts like getting lost. The key to successful risky play is that all of these things are tested on the child’s own terms.

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child practice reading writing

Creative Projects for Practicing Reading and Writing at Home

Creative Projects for Practicing Reading and Writing at Home The back-to-school sales are in full swing, the kids have met their new teachers, and everyone is ready to start the learning process. Whether you’re still online, are back in the classroom, or are doing a hybrid-model of learning, like many

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create a mindful home

Creating a Mindful Home

There are many ways to create a mindful home and maintain a healthy household. Eating right, exercise, and getting plenty of sleep help bodies get stronger. Finding ways to make taking care of everyone’s mental health a priority is also a key component of this equation. When the adults in

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Child Enrichment Program

Teaching Kids to Swim is Fun

Summer = Vacation = Fun One of the top choices for a vacation is a trip to the beach. In one survey, 52% of people said they go to the beach at least once a year worldwide! Whether it’s the ocean, a river, a lake, or just the hotel swimming

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Child Enrichment Program

Summer Picnics are Healthy Family Fun

Have a picnic packed with healthy family fun! Sometimes the weather is great and everyone wants to go out and do something; but you don’t have time for an all-day adventure. While weekends and summer breaks are a time of fun and relaxation for kids, sometimes adults have other things

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Clean Teeth - Dental Care

Clean Teeth Keep Us Healthy!

Smile! and show us your clean teeth! Capturing moments in time through photography and film often includes big grins and showing off those pearly whites. Teeth are crucial to living a healthy lifestyle, and the earlier adults instill good habits into their children the easier maintaining strong teeth are for

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Our Favorite Sidewalk Games with a Twist

Our Favorite Sidewalk Games with a Twist!

Sidewalk chalk + imagination! Challenge their creativity while they work out with our favorite sidewalk games with a twist! Outside playtime is one of the best parts of childhood, and it is critical for healthy development!  Soaking up some sun, running around in the air, and getting to be rambunctious

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